How Remote Network Monitoring Solutions Benefit Organizations With Multiple Locations

Multi-site organizations across all industries face similar challenges when it comes to managing and supporting their IT operations. Often the growth within these organizations has outpaced that of the IT teams responsible for supporting them.

When you add in the complexities introduced by today’s dynamic IT environments, virtualization, cloud computing, Wi-Fi and IP telephony (just to name a few), supporting remote sites and users with limited IT staff can be a daunting endeavor.

Challenges Faced in a Multi-site Environment

Reliable Network Connectivity is the lifeblood of every organization, especially those with remote locations. If employees and customers cannot rely on the underlying network, your business will suffer, morale will decline and customers will bolt for your nearest competitor. Here are just some of the challenges related to network connectivity as they apply to remote locations:

  • Connectivity options vary by location. You often must deal with multiple carriers, offering varying options (fiber, cable modem, DSL, T1, etc.,) with varying levels of available support.
  • Remote locations may have varying levels of standardization. As a result of mergers and acquisitions, changes in management, budget and other factors, your remote locations may run on equipment from multiple vendors, or across multiple product lines. Equipment may be old or outdated, some under warranty and some outside of support.
  • Internal IT staff may only be available during business hours, from a central location (and time zone) with after-hours support via an on-call rotation and answering service. This very common scenario results in fatigue and a degraded capacity to resolve problems.
  • Critical applications may be hosted at a datacenter or in the cloud. Every remote site relies on these applications being up and available 24×7, even if your IT staff is not.
  • With responsibility to support networks, applications, servers, websites, telecommunications and more, your IT staff is likely pulled in numerous directions. The highest priority projects dominate their time, often relegating key tasks, like effective monitoring, to the back burner.

The Benefits of Outsourced Network Monitoring

The beauty of partnering with an outsourced NOC partner is that they offer the solutions to the challenges listed above without distracting, overworking or overwhelming your valuable internal IT resources. The key benefits of outsourced network monitoring include:

1. Expertise and Experience

Outsourced network monitoring partners offer expertise and experience across multiple hardware platforms and carriers. They can offer recommendations based upon best practices learned from other organizations to help you organize and standardize operating procedures.

2. Support is Available 24×7

Outsourced network monitoring partners offer the 24×7 support that internal teams cannot, or do not want to, provide. This around-the-clock support is provided without the on-call headaches, vacations, sick leave, attrition and other challenges faced with providing this level of support with an internal team.

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3. Proactive Detection & Remediation

Outsourced network monitoring solutions have the ability to collect real-time network connectivity and performance data for all remote locations. Through real-time data analysis, organizations can significantly reduce downtime by detecting network impairments, like packet loss or errors, and quickly implementing needed resolutions.

4. Monitoring Critical Infrastructure & Applications

As mentioned earlier, today’s network is often distributed, with critical applications hosted in a data center and in the cloud. Outsourced network monitoring partners monitor not just the network linking you and your remote locations together, but also the infrastructure and applications running in your data centers, the cloud, virtual and hybrid environments. In the event an application becomes unavailable or impaired, they can take immediate action to address the problem, ensuring your employees and customers can conduct business 24×7.

5. Empowering Your IT Resources for Maximum Value

Your IT staff may very likely be highly skilled (and stretched pretty thin). An outsourced network monitoring partner can provide relief from the difficult and time-consuming job of monitoring the performance of your IT infrastructure, freeing your staff to focus on the higher value (and more interesting) projects to grow your business and guarantee your success.

6. Fast and Efficient Deployment

An outsourced network monitoring partner offers the tools and onboarding experience to have your monitoring up and running quickly and efficiently.

Regain Control of Your Remote Business Locations

Whether a banking branch, professional office, or manufacturing facility, remote business locations offer a common set of monitoring challenges, but you don’t have to face them alone. With the help of a trusted outsourced network monitoring partner, like iGLASS, you can rest easy knowing that your remote locations are in good hands. To learn more about our industry-leading outsourced network monitoring solutions, contact iGLASS today.

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