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Maine Fiber Company is Driving Maine’s Information Economy. Maine Fiber Company owns and operates an extensive high-capacity dark fiber network in the northeastern US. The network is largely an open-access middle-mile infrastructure and is available to all carriers and service providers on a non-discriminatory basis. Dark fiber products include Mileage Commitment Leasing, Regional Distribution Rings, and Direct Transit Routes. Carrier class ReGen and Fiber Distribution Sites are available at various locations on the network.

Maine Fiber turned to iGLASS Networks to help ensure uptime of their fiber huts and help facilitate intake and resolution of reported fiber outages. iGLASS NOC engineers stand watch over the health of their fiber huts 24 hours a day, field outage calls and call out to Maine Fiber personnel from our US-based Network Operations Center. Our purpose-built trouble ticketing system allows both iGLASS and Maine Fiber personnel to track and report on outages 24×7.

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