Server Monitoring

Network Monitoring Service

As businesses grow, so do expectations of network performance – even as IT resources remain limited. How can you perform 24/7 without breaking the bank? Network monitoring and outsourced NOC services from iGLASS can help.

iGLASS Network Monitoring & NOC Services

24/7 Monitoring & Alerts

With iGLASS, you'll always have eyes on your network. When something goes wrong, you can expect us to follow up with a phone call from an actual NOC engineer located here in the United States. We also generate automated alerts via email, pager (yes, people still have those) and SMS. Our trouble-ticketing system keeps tabs on everything.

iGLASS Network Monitoring & NOC Services

Tier-1 Remediation

Our optional Tier-1 Remediation lets you sleep through the night, knowing iGLASS has your back. We work with you to develop a "run book," documenting the steps to take in the event of a network issue. Common examples include opening carrier tickets, resetting interfaces and rebooting hosts.

iGLASS Network Monitoring & NOC Services

Multi-Metric Monitoring

For typical network devices, we monitor a standard set of metrics which include link status, bandwidth utilization, errors and packets. Other popular metrics include CPU utilization, memory, latency and power.

iGLASS Network Monitoring & NOC Services

UPS & Generator Monitoring

On UPS equipment and Generators, we typically monitor metrics like power levels (input/output), battery status, time remaining, standby status, transfer switches, etc. Some generators, or connected contact-closure devices, can even report on fuel levels, running time, oil pressure and more. We also monitor environmental information like temperature, humidity, water, airflow and more.

iGLASS Network Monitoring & NOC Services

Flexible Methodology

iGLASS uses a combination of standard protocols and polls such as Ping and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for monitoring network equipment. For some devices, we'll utilize Call Level Interface (CLI) scripts to poll for data not readily available through a standard protocol. In still other cases, we may collect statistics via HTTP or XML polls.

iGLASS Network Monitoring & NOC Services

Support for SNMP Traps & Syslog

We support processing of SNMP traps and syslog messages generated by monitored network equipment. Our flexible, rules-based processing engine allows us to specify the severity of events at the moment they're received, and generate alerts via email, SMS, page and/or phone calls to your staff from our 24/7 NOC. Rules may even be time-based or counter-based, to give alerts time to clear or reduce false-positive alerts.

Complete Network Monitoring Services

Your IT Network is like your company’s nervous system. If information cannot flow freely and securely, your company may suffer from a nervous breakdown. iGLASS’ expert network monitoring services and outsourced NOC solutions can help. We can monitor your:

  •  Routers & Switches
  •  Firewalls
  •  Security Appliances
  •  Load Balancers
  •  UPS
  •  Generators
  •  Temperature
  •  Humidity
  •  MPLS
  •  SONET Rings
  •  VPNs
  •  WAP/DAS