Children’s Hospital



As one of the nation’s largest networks of standalone children’s hospitals, serving our very smallest citizens, this iGLASS customer currently cares for over 250,000 children per year through their network of 3 primary pediatric hospitals and numerous clinics and urgent care facilities.

While we cannot mention their name due to confidentiality requirements, we also cannot help but talk about what we’re doing there. iGLASS provides 24×7 monitoring of their most critical infrastructure. We monitor their servers, applications, networks, telephones and websites. Our NOC staff have developed a close, personal relationship with their personnel to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. A children’s hospital cannot afford network or application downtime and we’re proud to serve as their NOC Services partner.

We’ve also done extensive customization for them, including a XML-based poller for a critical care system which had the potential to directly affect patient health. Upon hearing about the problem, our developers jumped into action, engaged in numerous calls between our customer and the other vendors, and then stayed up late to develop the code to detect the problem. We turned it around in less than 48 hours and caught our first outage a few days later.

We offer the same level of care, and caring, to all of our customers. If you need to improve the uptime and reliability of your network, without increasing your headcount, we would love to hear from you!