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Network Monitoring

Your network is the nervous system of your IT infrastruture. We monitor nationwide networks and networks nationwide for health, bandwidth, packets, errors and more.

Network Monitoring Solutions

Server Monitoring

From Windows to Linux, Virtual or Physical, we've got you covered. We monitor health, CPU, memory, disk utilization, critical processes, applications and more.

Server Monitoring Solutions

Application Monitoring

The servers are up but are your applications working? We go beyond simple red light/green light, to ensure your applications are operational and working as intended.

Application Monitoring Solutions

Website Monitoring

Can customers reach your website? More importantly, can they login or buy something from your website? Trust iGLASS to monitor your websites, and their intended operation, 24x7.

Website Monitoring Solutions

Why Outsource NOC Services?

  • 24x7 US-based NOC Engineers: Sleep well (and through the night!) knowing we've got your back. 
  • Quick Deployment: Onboarding takes weeks, not months.
  • Quick ROI: No hardware to buy, staff to hire, software to build, or applications to maintain. We do it all.
  • Faster, Better, Less Expensive: No need to reinvent the wheel.  Software as a Service offers numerous benefits.

Featured NOC Services FAQ

iGLASS Status with regard to the ShellShock Back vulnerability.

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Network Monitoring Services

Network Monitoring Services Every Minute of Every Day

At iGLASS, our business is dedicated to keeping your business running, and we make sure your network is as healthy as possible.

We have made a business of monitoring the performance of IT networks since 1997. No amount of server downtime is acceptable, and our 24-hour monitoring service and support system ensure that if there is a problem, we’ll spot it and troubleshoot it immediately. This minimizes your time spent addressing problems, leaving both you and your clients satisfied. You could attempt to do this yourself, but why should you?

NOC Monitoring Services

There’s no network we can’t monitor. Whether you’re a small business owner with a few servers or have a network as complex as your corporation, we help you avoid outages on your routers, firewalls, Web servers, and any other system your business relies on. Our dedicated staff of NOC engineers, programmers and project managers focuses on monitoring the network performance and function of your servers and critical applications. In the event of a problem, we act immediately to troubleshoot the issue, notify the appropriate personnel and minimize the amount of downtime. Let us focus on your network so you can focus on your business.

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Success Stories

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iRis Networks

iRis Networks

Company Profile: iRis Networks is a wholesale telecommunications carrier that fulfills the previously unmet need for secure, reliable broadband access for voice, video and data services throughout all of Tennessee and parts of Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky with seamless access to regional and national markets. The company provides broadband services over a 100 percent fiber optic network to competitive local exchange carriers, wireless providers, long distance companies and Internet service providers, with the long-haul capacity to accommodate national carriers.

Ownership: Ten independent, financially stable telephone companies with a combined market presence of over 500 years comprise iRis Networks. Eight member companies are located in Tennessee, one in Virginia and one in Kentucky.

NOC Partner: iRis turned to iGLASS when the need arose for better visibility into the performance and availability of their growing fiber network. iGLASS provides iRis Networks with cost-effective, 24x7 coverage and inbound phone support from our US-based Network Operations Center. With a close, professional relationship between our two teams, iRis customers know they have the best service, with the best support, available on the market today.

NADA Guides

NADA Guides

NADAguides is the go-to source for millions of consumers, dealers, manufacturers, insurers and other organization looking for authoritative information on vehicle pricing and information. is the world's online access point for that information, and so around-the-clock uptime and performance of their IT infrastructure is absolutely critical.

NADAguides partnered with iGLASS so our highly trained, US-based engineers could keep an eye on their IT network infrastructure 24 hour a day. iGLASS regularly checks the health and performance of both public-facing websites and the infrastructure which powers their systems.

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Point to Point Solutions

Point to Point Solutions

Point to Point Solutions is a premiere provider of affordable managed IT support for small to medium sized businesses with specific focus and expertise in the Legal, Accounting and Hedge Fund sectors throughout New York City, New Jersey and Stamford, Connecticut. From Managed Security Services and Cloud Computing Solutions to Business Continuity planning, Point to Point Solutions is the partner you've been looking for.

Point to Point Solutions selected iGLASS as their monitoring partner to provide even better visibility into customer networks to improve response times, prevent outages and improve the overall reliability and uptime of those networks. iGLASS provides the 24x7 expert "eyes in the sky" while Point to Point Solutions provides the 24x7 expert "boots on the ground."