NOC as a Service

We Monitor, Detect and Fix
IT Infrastructure Outages 24×7

• 24×7 US–based Staff• No Agents to Install
• 15-minute SLA• Expert Service, Not Software
• Transparent pricing• Built-in Trouble Tickets

iGLASS is the go-to partner to monitor your Networks, Servers, Applications, and Websites around the clock, from our North Carolina–based NOC.

Your IT staff has better, more valuable things to do — leave the monitoring and remediation to us.

Your IT team undoubtedly has a full workload, especially in the times we’re living in. Let’s face it, monitoring is pretty mundane and can be really time consuming. It requires a specific skill set, expertise and patience. If you don’t have a dedicated NOC staff, your internal efforts are likely “best effort”, and only utilized when there’s time available. And when is there ever any time available?

Whether you’re tired of false alerts, looking to improve your network’s reliability and uptime, or (wisely) realize you’re ready for a NOC partner, our U.S.-based NOC technicians are ready to step in and step up. We’ll monitor your IT infrastructure and resolve outages 24×7 so you can focus on what really matters – your business. Our Internet portal is customized around your needs, giving you visibility into the health and operation of your network and IT infrastructure at any time, from anywhere.

NOC as a Service

Our NOC staff will get you up and running quickly – onboarding takes weeks, not months. You provide us with secure access to your network and we’ll do the rest. We’ll deploy our customized Network Monitoring System (NMS) platform and handle all configuration, administration and ongoing management. With iGLASS watching your network, our expert NOC personnel offer you 24×7 monitoring of your IT infrastructure (and priceless peace of mind!)

Customized around Your Needs

We have dozens of monitoring pollers available to monitor your IT infrastructure, based upon your organization’s unique requirements. We also own our source code, so if you have a unique monitoring challenge, we’ll work with you to solve it. Our Internet portal gives you transparent visibility into the health and operation of your infrastructure and applications at any time, from anywhere.


24×7 NOC Support

“We could not recreate this internally at the same price point. To run a 24×7 operation with at least two people on staff at all times, we would require a 13-person NOC. With iGLASS, the cost is less than one FTE (full time engineer). That’s as much of a no-brainer as one can get.”



100% U.S.-Based Staff

“iGLASS has not missed a beat and when we get called it is because we know there is an actual problem. […] Our customers depend on this service.”



100k+ Monitored Hosts

“(iGLASS) is not only used for our Cable and Internet businesses, our Electric Utility Control Room operators utilize the system-wide mapping tool to identify power issues in the plant. The iGLASS system has proven to be an invaluable resource at a very competitive price.”


Ready to see how our NOC services can improve your network operations?