Get the Most Out of Our
Healthcare NOC

We work as an extension of your team, giving you the benefits of proactively monitoring your healthcare system’s network, servers, websites, key equipment, and applications 24×7.

Maximize Uptime for Patient Care

We work behind the scenes to keep your network up and running so you can continously provide high-quality care. Our monitoring of key performance metrics allows hospitals, clinics, and labs to proactively manage their systems and keep them operating at peak efficiency, with drastically reduced (or eliminated) downtime. We continually monitor the availability, stability and performance of your network across all of your locations, allowing you to focus on what matters: providing patient care.

Stay Ahead of Performance Issues

Are you willing to gamble that a critical application might go down and impact critical service delivery? You don’t have to. With iGLASS, you gain insight into your IT infrastructure 24×7. Our monitoring gives you much needed visibility into your networks, servers, applications, websites and other critical IT infrastructure, helping you to proactively address issues that could lead to outages or impairments that ultimately impact patient care.

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