Advanced Server Monitoring Services

We monitor the heart of your IT infrastructure—whether bare metal or virtual, in the colo or in the cloud – ensuring the health, operation, and uptime of your critical servers. Take your server performance monitoring to the next level with 24×7 monitoring by iGLASS.

We Monitor Any Server OS on Any Platform

Web Servers

Application Servers

Database & File Servers

Server Metrics & KPIs

Monitoring the uptime and availability of applications running on your servers is a no-brainer, but monitoring underlying server metrics, KPIs and health is also critical. We monitor all of the usual metrics like disk/memory utilization, CPU, and server load, but also develop custom scripts and pollers to ensure your servers are in peak condition. As an added measure, we can reduce false-positive alerts by implementing high/low thresholds and time- or count-based metrics, and apply variable classes of service.

You’re Covered, No Matter the Technology

We are unbiased when it comes to your use of different technologies and vendors to solve different problems—we’re truly vendor and OS agnostic. Our server monitoring services work with whatever platforms you’ve deployed to bring you a new level of efficiency and streamline operations. We’ve seen it all and support most major hardware platforms, cloud platforms, and operating systems.

24×7 Break-Fix
Server Support

Our runbook-based outage remediation capabilities allow us to take our server monitoring services to the next level – when a problem is detected, we’ll restart applications, reboot servers, open hardware support tickets, and much more. We’ll work with you to develop an SOP runbook and appropriate course of action for any common issues that might come up. We’ll also document every action taken in a trouble ticket, and adapt your runbook as necessary as your needs change and your business grows.

24×7 Event Log

We continually monitor and parse through your server event log files, looking for error codes, success/failure messages or other useful information, and let you know the instant there’s a problem. We then work to resolve it before it impacts your employees or customers. We can even notify you if a log file stops incrementing or fails to get created in the first place.

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