24x7 NOC Services for Banks & Credit Unions

iGLASS offers flexible solutions for the financial sector to improve efficiency while reducing costs and risk in the face of constant pressure. We help you focus on servicing your customers, not your IT infrastructure.

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  • Travis Federal Credit Union
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Banking is 24x7.
So is our NOC.

We don't run a "follow the sun" operation or rotate through on-call staff. We're here (in the U.S.) 24 hours a day, keeping an eye on your network.

It doesn't matter whether you have one branch or one hundred. Customers expect their banking to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They want to check their balances, transfer funds and pay their bills. If your network is down, or applications are hung up, customers will look for a new financial partner as quickly as they can Google your closest competitor.

High availability and proper operation of your IT assets and infrastructure is crucial to the success of your business. We can help. iGLASS’s comprehensive monitoring, alerting and remediation solutions are implemented and customized to satisfy the needs of your business, not the other way around. We don't try to force square pegs into round holes. We work with you to develop the right checks and balances, synthetic transactions and runbooks to resolve network and application impairments before they impact your customers (or reputation).

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We offer peace of mind

Outages are painful, but the fact is they happen. A preventable outage is even worse, and can result in lost business and a blow to your credibility.

We understand the stakes and work tirelessly, 24x7, to keep your systems up and running at peak performance. When outages or impairments occur, we provide you with immediate notifications via email, text and phone call. We can also attempt to restore operations following predefined remediation runbooks.

With iGLASS you'll sleep well at night, enjoying the peace of mind that comes with the leading US–based, 24x7 NOC partner watching your back.

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NOC Services Built around Banking

Our commitment is to get you up and running quickly (weeks, not months), monitoring key systems and performance metrics, and resolving or alerting you to any network, application or website outages that affect your customers or business.

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Mobile Banking

Understanding the performance and stability of your mobile applications is critical to protecting your revenue and your reputation. We work 24x7 to monitor, troubleshoot, and diagnose performance issues in real time.

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ATM Networks

We can monitor the status of your connected ATM machines, detect outages and escalate to vendors or internal staff. We can also perform remote troubleshooting following predefined runbooks.

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Anti-Skimming Alerts

To help protect your customers and ensure your ATMs are not compromised by skimming devices, we can alert you when an ATM has been tampered with.

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Overnight and ACH Processes

We utilize synthetic transactions, log monitoring, SQL queries and other methods to ensure payments post and business gets done. Our 24x7 NOC personnel monitor and manage alerts to keep your overnight processes working all night long.

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Recovery and Backups

Properly backing up and storing your data has never been more important. Our team monitors scheduled backups to ensure successful completion. In the event a backup fails, we escalate to the appropriate team, so your data is never at risk.

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MPLS / SD-WAN Monitoring

We monitor your network connections to each branch and remote location. In the event of an outage, we can perform remote triage and even open a ticket with your carrier/ISP to get restoration efforts rolling without delay.

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Let's Talk – you never finish what you never start!

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