NOC Services for Financial Firms

iGLASS offers flexible solutions for the financial sector to improve efficiency while reducing cost and risk in the face of constant pressure. We help you focus on servicing your customers, not your IT infrastructure.

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  • Apple Federal Credit Union
  • Bay Federal Credit Union
  • Langley Federal Credit Union
  • Travis Federal Credit Union
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We Keep You Up and Running 24x7

Regardless of the size of your institution, making sure your services are available to clients 24x7 is crucial. iGLASS’s customized, comprehensive monitoring and alerting solutions are designed to fit the needs of your business. We work with you to develop a runbook based on your processes to monitor and resolve any network issues that come up before they impact your business, drastically reducing downtime (or preventing it altogether) to keep your business operating day and night.

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Services Designed for You

Let’s face it—in the financial industry, how the public sees you means a lot. An outage can mean a drastic drop in your credibility. We keep your systems up and running so that your clients can rely on your presence, but coverage 24x7 is only half the story. We provide proactive response and remediation, and remote server and NOC monitoring specifically designed for financial firms.

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NOC Services Built for the Financial Industry

We get you up and running quickly and easily, monitoring key performance metrics, and resolving or alerting you to any website and system outages that can affect your customers and business.

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Mobile Banking

Understanding the performance and stability of your network and mobile applications is critical to protecting your revenue and your reputation. We work 24x7 to monitor, troubleshoot, and diagnose performance issues in real time.

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ATM Network

We can take on many of your non-monetary and time-consuming ATM activities without you even lifting a finger, including resets and resolving errors.

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Anti-Skimming Alerts

To help protect your customers and ensure your ATMs are not compromised by skimming devices, we can alert you when an ATM has been tampered with.

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Overnight and ACH Processes

In the digital age, your customers are making transactions at all hours of the day. Our 24x7 NOC services monitor and manage alerts to keep your online processes on track through the night.

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Recovery and Backups

Properly backing up and storing your data has never been more important. Our team continually monitors scheduled backups to ensure successful completion. In the event that a backup fails, we escalate to the appropriate team, so your data is never at risk.

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VPN Monitoring

We monitor VPN connections and the local network to identify connection problems and suspicious traffic. We’ll record connection issues and send alerts to administrators in the event of errors or numerous failed connection attempts.

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