The iGLASS Story

In 1997, Tim Bolden partnered with brothers Jack and George Woodring to forge a new path focusing on general network consulting. The trio soon realized there was a tremendous void in the marketplace for an efficient, reliable, and affordable network monitoring system.

Meeting your expectations isn’t enough—we want to exceed them.

They found that companies tend to only pay attention to their IT infrastructure’s overall architecture and performance once an outage or failure has already occured. As a result, the iGLASS team experienced a growing number of emergency network outage calls.

To capitalize on their expertise, iGLASS set to work developing their own platform to offer network monitoring services that would empower companies to be proactive with their network management. Rather than rely on some other framework or another company’s tools to provide services, the iGLASS platform was built from scratch to ensure the highest level of customizable service for clients. We believe no other platform offers the flexibility available through iGLASS.

Today, thousands of users rely on iGLASS to observe and report on the health and operation of their networks and critical applications, every moment of every day. With our proprietary platform, iGLASS is able to work with you to customize services that fit your needs. You’re able to avoid costly downtime, minimize nuisance alerts, increase revenue, improve productivity, and boost customer satisfaction. Monitoring your network and applications is our specialty, so you’re free to focus on your business.

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