iGLASS: The Difference You Can Feel

You’ll notice the difference when you augment your staff with our outsourced 24x7 NOC services and support.

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Make the Change and Notice the Difference

Partnering with iGLASS for 24x7 NOC services lifts the weight off your team’s shoulders. Let us focus on your network, so you can focus on your business.

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With iGLASS, you get peace of mind.

  • No CapEx or upfront investment
  • Includes all administration
  • Includes all maintenance
  • Outages are verified and followed up with a phone call if needed
  • 24×7 NOC engineers
  • Minimizes false positive alerts
  • We remediate issues around the clock
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Get rid of the DIY headaches.

The DIY Solution

  • Requires upfront investments
  • Requires dedicated administrators
  • Requires ongoing maintenance
  • Outages generate emails – lots of them
  • Your staff are called in after hours
  • Numerous false positive alerts
  • You’re on your own
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US–Based, Customer Focused

We may be based in the United States, but our presence extends beyond borders, servicing clients around the world. We’re dedicated to our clients and work to ensure your network is running smoothly, resolving issues before they impact your business. That’s why we have such long-lasting relationships. Customers who partner with iGLASS, tend to stay with iGLASS.




No Need to Install Local Agents

Agents can cause unintended performance issues when the underlying device they’re installed on fails. That doesn’t bode well. Which is why we depend on a highly reliable monitoring server instead, provided at no cost, installed in your primary datacenter(s). Our monitoring servers are tried and true, available in redundant architectures and can be deployed in virtualized environments. There’s no need to worry about performance issues with our servers, which use best-in-class components, are highly secure, regularly patched, and maintained by our staff, so stability is guaranteed.


Your Network, Our Focus

Over the years, we’ve developed the monitoring expertise, software, best practices, training and everything else required to ensure a positive, long term partnership with you. We act as an extension of your IT staff to give you the peace of mind to focus on your other projects. Network monitoring is what we do—it’s our passion, and we pour everything into ensuring your entire network is running smoothly.

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Ready to see how our NOC services can improve your network operations?

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