Outsourced application monitoring services from iGLASS ensure your applications are monitored 24x7.

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Application Monitoring Services Free Consultation

When your business is dependent on the applications that run it, it's imperative they are performing 24x7. What would happen if your applications went offline or were performing poorly? How much would that impact your business?

Application Monitoring Benefits:

  1. Test Application Performance—Our developers customize synthetic transactions and multi-step scripts to test your application’s performance.
  2. Single Pane of Glass–We aggregate metrics from all application-related systems on a single page, eliminating the need to visit multiple pages or tools.
  3. Gain Deeper Insights—End-to-end monitoring & real time visibility
  4. Resolve Issues Proactively—Our NOC experts work to identify performance or availability issues before they impact your business

In your personalized consultation, you can expect:

  1. 30 minute phone call to discuss your current environment and monitoring challenges
  2. An overview of iGLASS services, tailored to your individual needs
  3. Industry-specific examples and success stories
  4. Recommendations based on your environment
  5. An open Q&A session
  6. Scheduling a live, tailored demo as a next step
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Let's start the conversation

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Complete Application Monitoring Services


Routers & Switches Icon Monitoring the Process Stack
Firewalls Icon Synthetic Transactions
VPN Tunnels Icon Database Monitoring
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Multi-Step Scripts
Email System Verification
Monitoring Event Logs
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