3 Big Reasons You Need Website Monitoring (And How Outsourcing Can Help)

Your website has the potential to be one of your business’s best resources for reaching customers and gathering valuable metrics. Having robust website monitoring in place allows you to take full advantage of the opportunities your site represents. You also gain insights into where to find and address issues which may impact the customer experience on your site.

Many companies struggle with website monitoring. They may not have on-site staff with the technical knowledge required to set up the level of website monitoring needed. Failing to monitor effectively can mean being caught off-guard when a website goes down and not having the information available to trace the source of the problem.

You can avoid this and a host of other problems by outsourcing your website monitoring to a Network Operations Center (NOC) capable of providing the level of observation needed to minimize these types of risks. Here are three other reasons you might want to start making website monitoring one of your top IT priorities:

1. Problem Notifications

There’s nothing worse than your website going down on the day of a big product launch. It doesn’t matter if your website works 360 days out of the year if it’s not there for you the five days you need it online for your customers. One day of downtime can cause a significant loss of revenue during a critical period (calculate how much it costs your organization using our worksheet).

Website monitoring can give you a heads up on problem areas with your servers or other infrastructure before an actual outage occurs. You can receive notification of performance degradation over time before your customers start feeling the effects. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a heads-up about network connectivity issues and resolve them before things start going south?

A NOC Partner can:

  • Poll continuously for site availability
  • Check DNS and load balances regularly
  • Immediately send SMS messages and emails if your site has an issue
  • Manually verify issues when detected to eliminate false positive alerts
  • Either take restorative actions directly or follow up with phone calls to ensure quick resolution

You’re no longer required to be bound to your website for hours on end to ensure its performance. You can let your NOC partner handle resolving these issues and keep you updated about the results.

2. Issue Documentation

Whenever an issue arises, your web hosting company will do their best to find the root cause of whatever you’re facing. To do so, they’ll troubleshoot and run their own tests, which can take time. Your investment in website monitoring pays off in these situations when you have logs, trouble-tickets and other backup information that can help minimize the natural delays that come up with determining the cause of an outage.

Having your own monitoring data from your NOC partner to share with your hosting company can be invaluable in speeding up the troubleshooting process and help with things like spotting trends and capacity planning. This documentation also becomes part of a repository for reference if similar issues crop up in the future.

3. Performance Metrics

Customer expectations from websites are higher now than they’ve ever been. Today’s users expect high-level performance and instantaneous satisfaction of their requests at all hours of the day and night with zero downtime. Slow performance or bad redirects can drive customers to your competitors and harm your business.

Your site may appear to run smoothly, but in reality have all sorts of unaddressed concerns beneath the surface. When was the last time you had your entire site put through its paces at every checkpoint? A quality NOC partner can create synthetic transactions simulating actual website traffic and validating your site’s operation. Here are some of the ways your website can benefit from these exercises:

  • Validate page loads
  • Measure page response times
  • Validate your web certificates
  • Make sure data is passed to the right points
  • Confirm logins and file downloads

You’ll feel better knowing your website and applications are being checked and validated on a regular basis. Website monitoring contributes to the long-term health and operation of your site.

Become Proactive and Aware

Bringing on a NOC as a partner in these efforts can benefit your business long-term. An outsourced NOC partner like iGLASS helps companies eliminate the stress that comes with keeping a quality website performing optimally. We’ll work directly with a point person at your company to get your website monitoring up and running. You’ll be in control and in a position to act when issues come up.

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David Nizen

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