Author: David Nizen

Kaseya VSA Ransomware Attack

On the heels of last year’s SolarWinds attack, cybercriminals continue to make headlines, with the most recent attack occurring on Kaseya VSA products affecting approximately 50 MSPs and up to 1,500 downstream organizations across the globe. iGLASS does not use Kaseya VSA products, and has not been impacted by this attack. With that said, it’s […]

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The Top 5 Infrastructure Monitoring Challenges of Growing Organizations

Monitoring and ensuring network performance has easily become a full-time effort for organizations everywhere. Growing enterprises—especially those on a fast-track growth curve—have the additional task of finding monitoring solutions that can scale with that growth, and accommodate new platforms and challenges like the cloud or work-from-home requirements. This article takes a look at five of […]

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