How Difficult Is Getting Started with Outsourced Remote Monitoring Services?

As part of your decision-making process to outsource your NOC services, factor in the process of deploying the monitoring solution. How long will it take? How much time and effort should your organization expect to invest as you phase in the outsourcing and turn over your network monitoring to the professionals?

The quick answers to those questions are:

  1. After you execute the service agreement, it generally takes about three weeks to fully deploy your outsourced NOC monitoring.
  2. The speed and ease of transitioning to NOC outsourcing depends on your commitment and active participation with your NOC partner.

    But there are some things to keep in mind to help the process go smoothly, including:

    Consider the Hardware Requirements

    An outsourced NOC runs on a model similar to Software as a Service. All services (hardware, software, maintenance, and NOC services) are included. Typically, monitoring your infrastructure will require: