How Outsourced NOC Services Can Help with Cloud Monitoring

Nearly every organization is taking advantage of cloud resources, but that poses a challenge for the ongoing monitoring of the organization’s overall network environment. As more and more functionality migrates to the cloud, the ability to see the entire networking environment in context becomes more and more difficult.

Your network is a conglomeration of legacy and cloud systems. You are increasingly becoming joined-at-the hip with your cloud services, applications, and data storage. Then there is your website monitoring needs. You need to have your site up and running at peak performance. Unresolved problems can mean lost sales when customers go elsewhere because of disconnects and back-door data glitches.

At times it seems as if the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Is the problem with the cloud server or your VPN? The result is confusion and delays in solving problems—especially when their source is both on premises (hardware/blog//software) and in the cloud.

What you need is a solution that can monitor the entire network environment, and that includes the cloud. Your NOC provider is your resource to solving the aforementioned problems and can help monitor your cloud infrastructure by:

1. Identifying Important Metrics

An experienced NOC partner can help you identify which metrics are most valuable to monitor in a cloud or hybrid environment, as well as how to implement that monitoring. While some cloud metrics, like CPU or Memory utilization, are similar to metrics in an on-premises (physical) network, the ever-changing cloud applications introduce some distinct differences, opportunities, and challenges. The use of technologies like server-less applications, containers, burstable instances and “database as a service” all add to the complexity.

That’s why it’s important to find a NOC partner who is well-versed in monitoring physical networks, cloud environments, and hybrid environments (which span both). That partner will bring the necessary experience and tools to define, measure, and display the metrics you need to monitor your entire network, wherever it may reside, and allow you to make the best business decisions.

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