How Your Outsourced NOC Can Help with Smooth Technology Adoptions

Companies today are adopting new technologies that, in some cases, weren’t even on the drawing boards just a few years ago. As a result, many are finding they need help balancing the installation, integration, and implementation steps required to bring those new applications live with the need to keep the existing network up and running.

For example, industry press including Information Week and ComputerWorld report that several new software applications are gaining traction in 2019. These breaking technologies have one thing in common: Implementing each of them requires significant resources of time and personnel. And, as with any new technology adoption, it’s realistic to anticipate problems along the way that can extend the time from concept to full rollout.

Furthermore, even while the integration progresses, someone — usually the IT manager and his or her staff — is challenged with monitoring the existing network so that basic services continue to run without downtime. The team has to not only monitor the network that users rely upon, they have to keep watch on the implementation of the new tech to keep it on schedule and to make sure it doesn’t interfere with basic service delivery.

The good news is an outsourced NOC can provide invaluable help during times of technology adoption.

Overcoming Technology Adoption Challenges with an Outsourced NOC

An outsourced NOC can help you adopt new technologies without concerns about the challenges they might impose on your network operation. And, while you may be facing certain integration and implementation challenges for the first time, in many cases a NOC has helped other companies with the same issues.

By transferring the workload of continuously monitoring your network infrastructure 24×7, you can focus management attention on the adoption of the new tech. Further, the NOC can take a proactive role in monitoring, detecting, and solving network issues that arise during the integration process. For example, an outsourced NOC can help with each of the following.

  1. Monitor your network 24×7 for…
    • Faults that may occur, signified by SNMP alerts and other signals
    • Capacity issues, such as detecting packet loss that indicates excessive traffic
    • Overall health of both hardware and key software applications
  2. Free up your staff to focus on implementing the new technology.
  3. Work with you to develop network strategies and action plans that will support integration of the new technology.
  4. Develop contingency and escalation procedures for events that could occur during the technology implementation. Keep in mind, the NOC may have helped others do just what you’re doing and can share its knowledge of the problems you might encounter.
  5. Correct any alerts that are due to changing systems and making other adjustments to the network. For instance, a NOC can…
    • Ensure performance is maintained at or above agreed quality levels.
    • Ensure seamless connectivity for all the nodes in your network, regardless of changes in technology.
    • Keep systems downtime costs to a minimum.
  6. Handle any service interruptions during the technology adoption. Network segments that previously carried nominal traffic might now be required to carry much more, leading to performance problems. With tier-1 remediation, your NOC can keep an eye on performance and proactively address network issues that might arise as your new technology goes live.

Your outsourced NOC can help you achieve hassle-free technology adoption and integration with 24×7 services including monitoring, detection, and resolution of issues that may impact your network performance during integration. Whether you’re connecting to the cloud for the first time, installing a new customer-facing application or even implementing an enterprise software suite, contact iGLASS to see how we can help you with your next new tech adoption.

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