The Role of Portals in IT Performance Monitoring

How does your organization track its network, application, and server infrastructure? Do you have visibility via a single consolidated portal, or do you have to use and maintain multiple tools? Without a consolidated performance monitoring portal, it can become difficult to measure the health and operation of your infrastructure. You won’t be able to detect opportunities for improvement, how your operations are trending over time, or if your service-level agreements are being met.

What is a Performance Monitoring Portal?

Many organizations have multiple portals and dashboards available for monitoring various systems. Network, application, and server infrastructure portals all need to be monitored on a regular basis, but there is often no interoperability between them. With a NOC partner like iGLASS, these disparate systems can be brought into a single all-in-one interface. A performance monitoring portal provides “single-pane-of-glass” visibility into the health of all of your systems.

The Main Benefits of an IT Performance Monitoring Portal

Every monitoring portal should provide three basic things: visibility, transparency, and accountability. These three related benefits form the basis of a solid relationship with a NOC partner.


At-a-glance views of KPIs with data visualizations (charts, gauges, and graphs) make it easier to identify potential issues and analyze the system’s performance from moment to moment and over time. Depending on a user’s role, these KPIs can be adjusted to suit the metrics that are most relevant to them.

Users are able to drill down into a network group or specific switch to see what bandwidth utilization is, examine a network to see if there’s been any downtime, or if there have been any tickets opened. IT performance monitoring portals provide a complete, consolidated system for managing and maintaining the network as a whole, while not sacrificing the ability to drill down to specifics.


With an IT performance monitoring portal, your internal IT team will be able to see what your NOC is doing to support your company—rather than simply having to trust that the support is there. Internal IT teams are able to track tickets, see which actions were taken, and review activity. If issues occur anywhere in the network, the IT team will be able to see these issues in real-time and discover what has been done to resolve them.

Overall, this improves the relationship between an internal IT team and the NOC, as both understand the roles they’re playing, what they’ve done, and which items they have responsibility for.


Through the monitoring portal, an IT team can see how long it’s taking their NOC to respond to alerts, how these alerts were handled, and how satisfied users were with these results. This increased transparency leads directly into accountability. IT teams are able to hold their NOC accountable for the services that were agreed upon, identifying whether both the support and the technology are performing up to what was requested. If it’s found that the NOC is not providing the services that they were intended to provide, the IT team has the ability to show exactly where the NOC is falling short and what the NOC should be able to do about this.

A NOC offering a performance monitoring portal is a NOC dedicated to offering their customers the services they were promised. Not only does the NOC want to make sure that their client feels comfortable with their services, but they also want to make sure that they are performing up to their best.

Key Takeaways

If your outsourced NOC doesn’t offer an IT performance monitoring solution complete with an accessible portal for your internal team, you don’t have the visibility, transparency, and accountability to know whether they are providing the services you’re paying for. Without a portal, they are operating in a vacuum—and you aren’t being informed about the true status of your operations.

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