7 Tasks Every IT Manager Wishes They Could Outsource

Companies everywhere work hard to build a corporate culture that encourages its people to work toward common business goals. Ideally, every employee would use their skills doing work they enjoy and that align with corporate objectives. In the simplest terms, focusing on the company’s core business gets the results management and shareholders want. Everything else is a candidate for outsourcing, especially when the non-core business to be outsourced is well-matched to the company that will take it on.

In the case of monitoring IT infrastructure, NOC service providers have vast skill sets, deep expertise, and a passion for managing infrastructure performance. A professional NOC hires people who are certified, experienced, and reliable—people who find network monitoring rewarding and enjoyable.

7 Tasks You Can Outsource to a NOC

24×7 Monitoring

A NOC can change the entire work schedule by eliminating the need for people to work shifts around the clock. Not only can that save on operational costs, it can have a positive impact on morale when employees are able to once again spend evenings and weekends with their families.

Tier-1 Remediation

Tier-1 remediation services including triage, escalation, remediation of genuine alerts and working to minimize false positive alerts are issues NOCs deal with on a daily basis. Your NOC partner can do things like open vendor/carrier tickets, log support cases, reboot equipment or restart applications or overnight jobs.

Creating an Initial Network Performance Baseline

This establishes the level of performance your network can deliver. It evaluates network capacity to assure that resources are available to prevent negative impact on business-critical applications. The baseline study looks at load balancing (CPU load and memory utilization), traffic management, and a host of issues that clearly define the strengths and weaknesses of your network. This becomes a record that can be updated as new services, applications and hardware are added to the network.

Infrastructure Health Checks

This lies at the heart of what NOCs do. Health checks identify performance issues and can suggest steps needed to optimize the network.

Runbook Development

A runbook is essentially an agreement between your company and your NOC partner. It documents standard operating procedures the NOC uses to troubleshoot and resolve most common outages. It frequently outlines escalation procedures and other operational issues needed to keep the network running at its optimum performance.

Proactive Alerting

As soon as any part of your network fails to work properly, a NOC will notify you so you can repair the fault or replace a device before the alert leads to a larger issue.

Monitoring Software and Equipment Upgrades

Keeping your software and equipment up to date can be a headache, not to mention eating up valuable man hours. Outsourcing monitoring to a NOC takes that burden off your shoulders. You can expect your NOC to keep its network monitoring tools current with the latest technology.

A Few Advantages to Outsourcing Your Network Monitoring

There are plenty of benefits of outsourcing your network monitoring, including:

  • The advantages experience brings can’t be overstated. An established, professional NOC has worked with a widely diverse set of customers. Collectively, they use virtually every network technology available. Today, it’s also common that corporate networks support WiFi and provide access to mobile users with cloud services, multiple cloud service providers, and edge computing. Working across this wide array of technologies gives a NOC’s network engineers a depth of experience and knowledge that’s difficult to find elsewhere.
  • An outsourced NOC uses special equipment, software and technical expertise in managing networks. This can give NOC network engineers advantages on a given task that most in-house employees can’t match. These resources help a NOC resolve incidents more quickly and accurately than a typical in-house monitoring team, which means a shorter MTTR and less dreaded downtime.
  • Reduced costs: A big advantage of outsourcing lies in the reduced costs for labor, operations, and special equipment.
  • With a NOC watching over your network, your team can focus on value-added tasks that address core business issues, rather than responding to alerts, or being on-call after hours.
  • 24×7 coverage without the need to hire and train additional staff.

Free up your staff and outsource time-consuming monitoring tasks to a NOC partner. Contact iGLASS to discuss customized solutions that will solve your network performance and monitoring needs.

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