iGLASS Gives Breezeline
Increased Visibility
Across Multiple Markets

As a Multiple System Operator (MSO), Breezeline (formerly known as Atlantic Broadband) was operating with too many tools, resulting in a lack of clarity into the health and operation of their networks. They needed a NOC services partner who would help them understand the health of their networks and get ahead of outages.

Breezeline Eliminated Unnecessary
Tools for an Efficient NOC Platform

Strengthened NOC Services

With over 700 employees, Breezeline needed to reduce the number of tools with an integrated, centralized platform. iGLASS was able to provide comprehensive monitoring and NOC support to Breezeline’s engineering, operations, maintenance, and customer care organizations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By monitoring Breezeline’s DOCSIS modems, eMTAs and set-tops, iGLASS brings a newfound level of plant intelligence. Having a fully-managed NOC service allows for outages to be detected immediately and resolved before they impact the business.

Focused Maintenance Efforts

Since 2011, iGLASS has brought transparency and expertise to their partnership with Breezeline. With the prompt detection of outages and reduced downtime, Breezeline’s engineers are able to focus their maintenance efforts to be more proactive and the company is able to integrate their data into a single, common platform and portal.

Additional Business Class Benefits

As an added benefit, iGLASS enables Breezeline to offer their business-class customers real-time insight into the performance of their business class circuits, bandwidth utilization, and white labeled Internet portal access.

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