iGLASS Enhances Reliability
and Uptime for Blue Ridge Communications’

Blue Ridge Communications is a full-service communications provider. With over 170,000 customers, Blue Ridge offers digital cable, on-demand, high definition (HDTV), digital video recording (DVR), high speed internet access, smart home digital home security, and digital phone services. When they first reached out to iGLASS they were looking for two main things: visibility into outages and management of their NOC platform.

“We knew we needed to do a better job at monitoring. We just didn’t have the resources to
hire our staff internally. We went looking for a company that could do that for us.”

Barry Fink, Assistant Chief Technical Officer

Improved Visibility

Blue Ridge was facing cable outages and impairments but had limited visibility outside of customer calls and complaints. iGLASS stepped in to provide them with a fully managed, 24×7 monitoring platform designed for cable operators. iGLASS specializes in aggregating data from customer premise equipment (CPE) and in turn is able to give real-time visibility into their network’s health and operation. With this, Blue Ridge Communications is able to get ahead of outages and impairments before they affect their customers.

A Well-Managed Platform

When Blue Ridge Communications and iGLASS first began their partnership, Blue Ridge was already a well-run organization. They provided iGLASS with the right information to hit the ground running and delegated the responsibility to collect that data immediately. With a cohesive working environment, Blue Ridge Communications can now rely on iGLASS for alerts, call-outs, and management of the platform in their current internal NOC. Blue Ridge Communications and iGLASS have benefited from this close partnership for more than five years.

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