Cable Broadband NOC Services

From 5 thousand subscribers to 5 million, nobody monitors cable better than we do. With our fully-managed cable network monitoring platform, you’ll always be one step ahead.

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  • atlantic broadband
  • Beld Broadband
  • blue ridge communications
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Cable Broadband NOC Services For All

We offer the most comprehensive NOC Services platform on the market, monitoring CPE across all platforms, plus all related infrastructure between the headend and home. You will notice the time and money savings, while your customers are happier with less downtime.

Expert Monitoring of:

  • Cisco/SA/Moto Set-tops
  • DOCSIS Modems/eMTAs
  • ADTRAN/Calix ONTs
  • Power Supplies
  • PNM
  • HFC Plant
  • Business Class
  • Fiber, Metro-E, and more.


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We Work While You Sleep

iGLASS provides monitoring and NOC support for your engineering, operations, maintenance and customer care organizations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our 24x7 fully-managed monitoring services, you can quickly determine overall plant health, detect outages, and improve your customer’s experience.

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Get the Most Out of Your NOC

Fewer Truck Rolls

Fewer Truck Rolls

You’ll see which outages are power-related and which are due to damage or equipment failures so you know what needs to be worked on in each location.

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Improved Maintenance

Our health reports hone in on the state of your network. You can forecast for problem areas and move on it before the problem actually arises.

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Fewer Customer Calls

We monitor, find, and resolve problems 24x7, so your customers notice less down time. That means cutting back on the complaints to your call centers.

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Shorter MTTR Icon

Shorter MTTR

You’ll notice aggressive improvements in plant maintenance using our HFC health reports, which means significantly reducing MTTR.

Higher Revenues Icon

Higher Revenues

Our 24x7 support with highly skilled technicians frees you up to scale your team without adding to your payroll, effectively increasing your profit margins.

Lower Customer Churn Icon

Lower Customer Churn

Your customers are happier with lower downtime, so you’ll experience decreased churn and increased engagement.

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