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From headend to home, iGLASS monitors cable operator infrastructure 24 hours a day

headend to home

As a cable system operator, there is nothing more critical than your HFC, DOCSIS, FTTH and other IP networks. The last thing you need is customers calling, frustrated and annoyed, because of an outage. With our outsourced network monitoring services, you’ll always be one step ahead.

At iGLASS, we monitor both your physical network and your customer premises equipment, treating each CPE device as a point of intelligence. You’ll see which outages are power-related and which are due to damage or equipment failures so you know what needs to be worked on in each location.

Which outages are power-related, and which are due to damage or equipment failure? With iGLASS, you’ll know – instantly.

With our 24×7 fully-managed monitoring services, you can quickly determine overall plant health, detect outages and reduce truck rolls. We can even identify which of your customers are “sharing” set-top boxes to help eliminate fraud. You’re happier with the time and money savings, and your customers are happier with less downtime.

iGLASS helps lower operating expenses through:

  • Fewer truck rolls
  • Improved maintenance
  • Fewer customer calls
  • Shorter MTTR
  • Lower customer churn
  • Higher revenues

This list isn’t just a bunch of marketing buzzwords. Case in point: 12 months into their deployment of iGLASS, one of our tier-1 customers reduced truck rolls by over 1,000 per month directly as a result of using iGLASS. This enabled them to: retire 4 older, problematic trucks; reduce call center headcount (through attrition) by 10 due to reduced call volume; increase VOD revenue simply by improving the percentage of 2-way set-top boxes; and significantly reduce MTTR due to aggressive improvements in plant maintenance using iGLASS’ HFC health reports.

iGLASS can monitor a variety of devices and classes of circuits:

  • Set-top boxes (DCTs and DHCTs)
  • Modems (DOCSIS)
  • eMTAs (DOCSIS)
  • Private Line T1s to OC-192 connections
  • 100 Base-T to Gigabit Ethernet Circuits
  • Cellular Backhaul, Picocells & Femtocells
  • ATM, SONET, MPLS and more
  • CMTS, DAC, DNCS, VOD systems
  • Business class circuits with Internet Portal access

If you’re ready to see how iGLASS can help you monitor your HFC or fiber networks, contact us today for more information or to schedule a WebEx demonstration to see iGLASS in action. You can also see examples of where we’ve made a difference for our customers.

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Contact us for details, or request a free WebEx demonstration of our full service offering.

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