iGLASS Worked with AFCU to Overcome Every Challenge

Headquartered in Fairfax, VA, Apple Federal Credit Union has more than 20 branches across Northern Virginia and is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative. AFCU was struggling with an agent-based system from a legacy vendor that was unreliable, difficult to manage and was missing alerts.

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“iGLASS has not missed a beat and when we get called it is because we know there is a problem. [...] Our customers depend on this service. iGLASS contacts our CU IT team and lets us know when it is time to respond to a system/process failure to prevent a major crisis that impacts services to our customers.”

Juan Batista , Senior Vice President of Business Technology

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Specialized Skill Set

AFCU first heard about iGLASS through one of their managed services partners. Several years later, having experienced poor service from their existing vendor and additional challenging monitoring requirements the legacy system simply wasn't able to satisfy, AFCU reached out to iGLASS. Within a few weeks we had proven our ability to catch every alert, minimize false alerts and implement complex monitoring capabilities to satisfy all of their needs.

iGLASS brought a specialized skill-set; monitoring critical applications, overnight job completion, online banking, remote locations, and more. iGLASS continues to serve AFCU 24x7 to ensure Apple’s IT infrastructure is healthy and efficient.

Overcoming Challenges and Expanding Services

Initially, some of AFCU's systems couldn't be monitored directly due to technical or regulatory restraints. iGLASS worked closely with AFCU staff to develop synthetic monitoring transactions, time-based log polling, database queries, and other checks and balances to overcome every challenge. iGLASS was able to eliminate failed overnight jobs, improve uptime, and provide previously unavailable insight into the health and operation of their banking IT infrastructure.

As the relationship has grown, iGLASS has built out application monitoring, implemented redundancy protocols, and is working on developing AFCU’s first Tier-1 runbooks.

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