24×7 Runbook-based Outage Remediation

Let’s face it, outages happen, and many outages are predictable, falling into the same general categories. Why put the burden of dealing with ‘normal’ outages on your highly skilled, high-value staff, just to have them perform repetitive tasks such as opening carrier tickets, changing passwords or initiating remote reboots? With our runbook-based outage remediation services – our engineers stand ready to handle those outages on your behalf, no matter the time of day or night. Your personnel enjoy a better quality of life, while you enjoy priceless peace of mind.

Runbook-based Outage Remediation Services

Opening Carrier / ISP / Vendor Tickets

Rebooting Servers

Restarting Applications

Resetting Interfaces

Resetting Passwords

Remote Triage

Runbook-based Outage Remediation Services

As your NOC partner, we’ll get to know your network and the most common issues that come up. Together, we’ll develop runbooks to guide our outage remediation efforts, including procedures for every anticipated scenario and step-by-step decision trees to determine the most effective course of action for each. We’ll also document every action we take in our built-in trouble-ticketing platform.

Our Outage Remediation Runbooks Age Well

Our runbooks evolve and grow to serve you better as we gain experience with your networks, servers, applications, web sites and staff. We continuously monitor what works, and alter what needs improvement, taking on as much outage remediation support as you need. Our expert staff are available 24×7, or just after-hours and on weekends.

Carrier Tickets, Application Restarts, Equipment Reboots…

When circuits go down or start showing performance degradation, we can open carrier tickets via phone, Internet portal, email, or any other method the carrier supports. Plus, since our monitoring server sits on your network, we can use it as a jump box to have quick and direct access needed to restart applications and/or reboot servers as indicated.

…and So Much More

So long as we can develop appropriate standard operating procedures with you, we can add them to your runbook. Our runbook-based outage remediation can cover anything from password resets and opening hardware vendor tickets, to coordinating activities with remote hands and performing remote site access control.

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