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iGLASS Goes Solar!


iGLASS Networks is proud to announce the completion and activation of our rooftop photovoltaic system. As a leading provider of 24x7 NOC Services, iGLASS consumes a considerable amount of power around the clock. With that realization, we decided to make a considerable investment in solar power generation to help offset our power consumption from the grid and ensure the sustainability of our planet for generations to come.

We began the planning process over a year ago in partnership with Baker Power and our local utility provider. "Baker was an incredible partner to iGLASS" said Tim Bolden, president of iGLASS. "Through the design, permitting, installation and activation, Baker handled every aspect of this project, including the inevitable obstacles and challenges we encountered."

The iGLASS headquarters now sports a 41.4 kWp system in operation with an estimated return on investment of less than 10 years.

By the numbers:

162 x 335 Watt solar panels by Mission Solar
4 SolarEdge Inverters
41.4 Kilowatt Peak Production


Check out our real-time solar power generation here!

A quick video timeline of the project:


Some photos from the project:





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