Our Difference

iGLASS is not Software. iGLASS is a Service.

We focus on your network. You focus on your business.

iGLASS Service

    No CapEx or Upfront Investment
    Includes All Administration
    Includes All Maintenance
    Outages Generate Phone calls
    24×7 NOC engineers
    Minimizes False Positive Alerts
    Remediates Issues Around The Clock
    Lets You Sleep At Night
    This is Our Difference

DIY Monitoring System

    Requires Upfront Investment
    Requires Dedicated Administrator(s)
    Requires Ongoing Maintenance
    Outages Generate Lots of emails
    Sleepy Engineers Woken Up!
    Numerous False Positive Alerts
    No remediation available
    Keeps you up at night

US-based with a Global Focus

iGLASS staff are based here in the United States, but we service customers around the world. We hire only by referral and have virtually no attrition. We believe if we take care of our employees, they’ll take care of our customers. We have virtually no attrition in our customer base as well. Customers who partner with iGLASS, tend to stay with iGLASS. This is Our Difference.

No Agents

iGLASS doesn’t utilize locally installed agents. Agents may cause unintended performance issues and also fail when the underlying device they’re installed on fails. iGLASS instead relies on a highly reliable monitoring server, provided at no cost, installed in your primary datacenter(s). Our monitoring servers use best-in-class components, are highly secure, regularly patched, maintained by our staff, and are available in redundant architectures. We may also be deployed in virtualized environments. This is Our Difference.

We’re Experts at Network Monitoring

This is what we do for a living – it’s all we do for a living. We’ve developed the monitoring expertise, framework, software, best practices, polling templates, trouble-ticketing system, training and everything else required to ensure a positive, long term partnership with you. We act as an extension of your IT staff to allow you to focus on your IT projects. This is Our Difference.

Ready for something different?

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