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At iGLASS, we don’t believe one size fits all when it comes to NOC services and we recognize that every customer will have unique monitoring requirements and challenges. We also don’t think you should pay for more than you need. Our licensing is structured so you only pay for the services you require and we scale as your organization scales.

Monthly monitoring fees are based upon the number of Hosts monitored, plus any optional services. Monitoring plans start at just $30 per Host monthly, and can be as low as $10 per Host monthly, depending upon the size of your network.

We don’t believe in complicated pricing models – a core router is the same price as a UPS, making our pricing easy to understand and simple to budget.

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* If you are a Broadband operator, please contact us for special pricing based upon your total CPE (set-top/modem/ONT) count.

What is a Host?

A Host is a physical or virtual IP-addressable device monitored by the iGLASS NMS platform. Hosts can be anything – routers and switches, firewalls, servers, WAPs, UPSs, generators or pretty much any other device with a static IP address or fully qualified domain name.

A host may also be a “container” user to collect and aggregate similar metrics collected via synthetic transactions or scripts utilizing calls to APIs for platforms like AWS CloudWatch or Microsoft Insights.

What’s the real cost of building and maintaining an in-house monitoring solution at scale?

Optional Services

We work closely with you to develop SOP runbooks to guide our NOC techs in fixing common problems encountered in your network. Common remediation activities include opening carrier/ISP/vendor tickets, restarting applications, rebooting equipment, resetting interfaces, executing remote scripts, resetting passwords, etc.

There is no charge to develop runbooks. Runbook Remediation is an optional service and is billed per incident with a low minimum monthly commitment.

iGLASS will answer a dedicated phone number as “(Your Company) NOC,” collect the caller’s information, provide the caller with a trouble ticket number, and then either escalate to your designated personnel or commence Tier-1 Remediation. We do not offer call center (technical) support, but will answer calls 24×7 and act as a buffer between you and your key customers, employees and partners.

Inbound call support is an optional service and billed per call with a minimum monthly commitment.

Our Tier-2 support staff are available to satisfy a variety of IT project needs, acting as an extension of your own IT staff. Common activities include server patching, provisioning, configuration backups, failover testing and more. Contact a sales representative to discuss your specific needs.

Designed for customers with finely tuned*, existing RMM/NMS platforms, or for customers wishing to monitor SIEM system alerts, iGLASS offers two after-hours coverage options:1) Receive & Call – iGLASS can process emailed alerts from your existing platform and call up to three of your on-call personnel.

2) Receive & Remedy – iGLASS can process emailed alerts,  take predefined restorative actions similar to those offered under our Tier-1 Remediation service and then call up to three of your on-call personnel if those actions are ineffective. 

*These options are not intended to help customers manage alerts from poorly designed or implemented RMM/NMS platforms which generate a lot of nuisance alerts.

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Pricing Includes:

  • No up-front investment
  • Monitoring Hardware & software
  • 24×7 U.S.-based NOC
  • Administration of platform
  • Customization of monitoring pollers
  • Runbook development
  • Platform maintenance & upgrades
  • Human alert notifications by phone

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  • A host is any device (or VM) with an IP address or fully qualified domain name.
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