Peace of Mind for IT Organizations, Large and Small

iGLASS works with IT Organizations of all sizes, across all industries. Here's what you likely have in common with them:

  • You have critical IT infrastructure and applications.
  • You do not want, or cannot justify, staffing your own Network Operations Center.
  • You have highly skilled staff whose time is better spent doing things of higher value.
  • You understand monitoring is critical, but it's not necessarily a top IT priority.
  • You're open to outsourcing the NOC function to a partner with expertise.
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We work as an extension of your team

We're not looking to replace any staff. Instead, we aim to free your staff from the complexities of configuring, maintaining and administering a network monitoring system ("NMS") while simultaneously providing 24x7 monitoring, alerting, reporting and remediation.

iGLASS provides a fully-managed, turn-key NMS with the maturity and expertise to provide exceptional monitoring, with minimal effort on your part. We customize our platform around the needs of your stakeholders, all the while minimizing false positive alerts, and giving you the peace of mind to get a good night's rest and improved quality of life for your teams.

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No challenge is too big, nor detail too small

We understand IT. We also understand that cookie-cutter monitoring software is often too rigid or complex to accommodate the nuances unique to your particular networks, applications and platforms. Because we own our NMS's code base, and employ talented developers and NOC staff, we're able to meet most any monitoring challenge you can think of. We handle the tough challenges and focus on your network, so you can focus on your business.

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24x7 NOC Services Built Around You

One size does not fit all. If your organization is tired of false positive alerts, tireless nights and complex monitoring challenges driving gargantuan headaches, contact us today.

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Custom Solutions

From our initial discovery call to ongoing monitoring and support, we make sure all of your needs are addressed. Our solutions are customized around your business.

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An Extension of your Staff

You may not have the budget or desire to implement your own internal 24x7 NOC. Leverage our team and expertise for maximum cost efficiency.

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Global Support

While we're 100% U.S.–based, we support customers with IT assets across the globe. We’re staffed 24x7, which means your network is covered all day, every day.

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A Zoom Demo is Worth 1,000 Words

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