Advanced Server Performance Monitoring Services

Let’s face it, outages happen, and many outages are predictable, falling into the same general categories. Why put the burden of dealing with ‘normal’ outages on your highly skilled, high-value staff, just to have them perform repetitive tasks such as opening carrier tickets, changing passwords or initiating remote reboots? With our runbook-based outage remediation services – our engineers stand ready to handle those outages on your behalf, no matter the time of day or night. Your personnel enjoy a better quality of life, while you enjoy priceless peace of mind.

Complete Server Monitoring Services

Web Servers

Application Servers

Database & File Servers

Server Health Check

Monitoring uptime and availability of applications running on your servers is a no-brainer, but going the extra mile to service and maintain the underlying server health is critical. We monitor health metrics like disk/memory utilization, CPU, and load with standard and custom-developed scripts and pollers to keep your server in peak performance. As an added measure, we can monitor with optional high/low thresholds and time- or count-based metrics to help reduce nuisance alerts.

You’re Covered, No Matter the Technology

We are unbiased when it comes to your use of different technologies and vendors to solve different problems—we’re truly vendor and OS agnostic. Our server monitoring services work with whatever platforms you’ve deployed to bring you a new level of efficiency and streamline operations. We’ve seen it all and support most major hardware platforms, cloud platforms, and operating systems.

Dynamic Server Support

Our tier-1 outage remediation efforts extend to server monitoring services, including restarting applications, rebooting servers, opening hardware support tickets, and more. We’ll work with you to develop a tier-1 runbook and appropriate course of action for any instances that might come up. Then, we’ll execute the plan flawlessly and adapt our blueprint as necessary to suit your needs.

Complete Event Log Monitoring

We go through your server event logs looking for error codes, success/failure messages, or other useful information and let you know the instant there’s a problem, working to resolve it before it impacts your employees or customers. We can even notify you if a log file stops incrementing or fails to get created in the first place.

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