How NOC Partnerships Help Credit Unions Overcome IT Challenges

Bankers hours are now 24×7, and instant gratification is the rule. When was the last time you waited for your bank or credit union to open, drove there, filled out a cash withdrawal form, and stood in line for the next available teller? And who still uses paper checks mailed in stamped envelopes to pay bills or buy goods nowadays?

Bank and credit union service offerings have changed alongside customer expectations. ATMs, apps, and online banking rule the roost. Automation gives everyone instant access to their accounts. And people expect their accounts to be updated the instant a transaction occurs, frequently after hours, as the system becomes ever more dependent on the networks and IT infrastructure that power the banking business. As a result, roughly 80% of all credit unions use outsourcing as a key tactic to meet the challenge to keep customers and stay competitive.

Major players in the new genre of outsourced technical services are Network Operations Centers (NOCs). Through their advanced monitoring capabilities, outsourced NOC providers help credit unions do much more than shepherd money back and forth. The following are some examples of how NOC partnerships go beyond routine network monitoring to help credit unions overcome IT challenges:

Validating Automated Banking Applications Around the Clock

Online banking must be up and running 24×7. A NOC partner will monitor your systems around the clock, always on the lookout for trouble that can be the harbinger of an impending system crash. As part of their repertoire, NOC partners frequently put credit union applications through their paces. They validate and revalidate customer systems to make sure they are operational. Their notification procedures are flexible and customizable to suit your needs.

Battling ATM Skimmers

NOC providers are the early-warning sentinels against ATM skimming. The NOC can integrate with ATM vendors to expedite the process of notifying those who need to respond, rather than hours or days after the incident. That faster response has tremendous benefits in limiting liability and mitigating further loss.

Monitoring Automated Nightly Closeout Jobs/Processes

Nightly closeout process typically run automatically; that is, until for some unexpected reason they don’t—in which case, someone has to do something. That “something” could be the difference between opening for business the next day or declaring an unwanted credit union holiday. Some credit unions monitor those processes either through email trouble alerts or a standby engineer on-call to fix the problem.

NOC partners can go far beyond in-house capabilities and automate that monitoring. It involves a complicated set of calculations, which monitor the process from start to logging its finish. If any step in between fails to occur, is delayed, or only partially completed, the NOC handles the troubleshooting complexity so that the customer doesn’t have to.

Partner with a NOC that Provides Expertise Beyond In-House Assets

At the root of automated banking processes is the application of in-depth IT expertise and acumen. Everything discussed above is part of that big picture of skills and experience a customized NOC monitoring partner brings to credit union clients. Our recent blog, “What to Look for in a Customized Network Monitoring Partner,” has seven important criteria you should consider before outsourcing your network monitoring.

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